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Testimonials For The Book:
Helping Children With Dyslexia

“Research continues to discover new solutions for children with dyslexia. Liz Dunoon’s book Helping Children With Dyslexia, explains it simply, provides a comprehensive plan of action and will enable you to help ensure a successful future for your child.”

Prof. John Stein FRCP

Leading world expert on the neurobiological basis of dyslexia and Chairman of the Dyslexia Research Trust, Oxford University, UK

“A bible for every parent of a dyslexic child. For me this book confirms you can never give up on your child’s education, only you can protect them. No one else is going to do that for you, especially those children who aren’t getting the right support in school. Helping Children With Dyslexia, confirms a lot I knew. It confirms to me how important it is never to rely on the School Education System. Too many qualified staff told me my son was doing fine. – Ha Ha, how wrong they were. I know so many parents who believe what they are told and their beautiful children slip through the net. Good luck – I hope this book makes a difference for you. Not only a great read for a parent, but for those working with dyslexic children.”

Charlotte Brown,

Chiswick London UK

“This book Helping Children With Dyslexia is written by a parent of a dyslexic child who is also a teacher. It contains a wealth of advice from personal experience, from investigations of other parents’ experiences and from the experiences of dyslexic people. There is also technical material about the nature and origins of dyslexia, but if this is not of interest to you, you could just skip those parts because the wisdom in the rest of the work is invaluable to a parent struggling to help their dyslexic child. How to support your child, how to relate to teachers, how to choose the right school, when to consider repeating a year, as well as strategies to adopt – all this and more is there from one who has been there and done that. A really helpful book for parents – and teachers too for that matter!”

Dr. Paul Whiting

President, Specific Learning Difficulties Association NSW
As seen on ‘60 Minutes’

“Liz Dunoon’s book Helping Children With Dyslexia is a must read for every parent and child affected by dyslexia. It will allow them the opportunity to understand how they can help their child to succeed at school and reach for the stars.As a young adult, I was diagnosed with dyslexia. For me this was just a label that helped explain the previous years of failure and frustration that I experienced while at school and the fact I dropped out early. In later years however, I discovered a few simple key strategies that allowed me to change my mindset and the way I managed my learning and this changed my life. I have since gone on to obtain a law degree with pass grades in the top 5% of the University. As a result, I have gone from high school drop out to top university scholar and successful entrepreneur.”

Andrew Grant

Leading International Marketing Entrepreneur and best selling author As seen on ‘A Current Affair’.

“Identifying dyslexic traits, understanding the biological nature of dyslexia and having your child diagnosed as early as possible are the keys to improving your child’s chances of success at school and in life. Liz Dunoon’s book Helping Children With Dyslexia will give you the knowledge and the confidence to tackle your child’s dyslexia head on.”

Dr. Silvia Paracchini

The Wellcome Trust Centre For Human Genetics, Oxford University UK

“Starting school was a confusing and bewildering time for our youngest son who struggled to learn to read. Being highly capable and intelligent, we had no idea why this was this was occurring or how to help him. Liz Dunoon’s book Helping Children With Dyslexia gave us the knowledge and strategies we were seeking. He has advanced through his reading levels, now equals some of the top readers in his class and is happy and confident at school. We can’t thank you enough.”

Ruth Rutch

Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

“My son struggles daily to cope with dyslexia in a world of print. During his first term of prep we struggled helplessly as he pulled us into a new world we knew nothing about – a world where despite trying his most heart-breaking best there could still be a complete and devastating failure to learn. Despite many years of research and professional opinions I can only marvel at the way Liz Dunoon has gathered together the ‘essential mapbook’ to help guide those entering my son’s world. Not only are the signposts clear and the information easily accessible – the insight into those who have ‘gone before’ and their encouragement allows the sun to shine out from behind the alphabet.”

Dr Kathryn Law

Melbourne Victoria Australia

“For many years I have been trying to find ways to help and support my struggling son. He was not doing well at school and this resulted in angry outbursts of frustration and an ongoing lack of concentration and confidence. Liz Dunoon’s book Helping Children With Dyslexia has given me the courage to address these issues and find solutions. My son now enjoys learning and is experiencing success at school.”

Jane Wilson

Brisbane Queensland Australia

“In this gem of a book, Liz Dunoon uses her empathy as the parent of children with dyslexia and her skills as a teacher to empower parents to rise up and advocate on behalf of their dyslexic children. Helping Children With Dyslexia is a book that aims to take the fear and worry out of parenting a child with dyslexia, replacing it with hope and optimism and ultimately success. You don’t even have to read it, you can just listen.”

Tracey Stranger

Author of ‘How To Overcome Stress Naturally’

“In my role as Irlen Regional Director and Director of the Irlen Dyslexia Centre Melbourne, I assess children and adults with Irlen Syndrome, a form of perceptual dyslexia. During the last seventeen years, I have had the privilege of testing over 6000 intelligent individuals whose main difficulty is translating visual information into written text. It is often an emotional time when parents realise that their child has been struggling for legitimate reasons and when children realise that it is not their fault and they are not dumb or lazy after all. Liz Dunoon’s book seeks to dispel much of that anxiety and turmoil through education and empowerment. I have been trying to find time to write a book like this for many years and I am certain that this book will be well used and passed around to friends and acquaintances for many years to come.”

Gloria Thomas

Irlen Regional Director, Victoria, Tasmania and ACT Australia

“As a child with dyslexia I found school frustrating and limiting. It was after leaving school early I began to discover where my real talents lay and developed a passion for photography. With a heightened sense of form, light and colour, my photographic skills have taken me to amazingly beautiful places and enabled me to photograph some of the world’s most beautiful people. Liz Dunoon understands that at school dyslexia can create barriers, but she also wants parents to realise that dyslexia can provide incredible talents. Parents need to help their children to find these special talents and watch them flourish. Reading Helping Children With Dyslexia will help parents to begin this journey.”

Paul Jons

Professional Photographer Caloundra QLD Australia

“Parents who are actively engaged in the school community and volunteer their time to assist teachers and students in the classroom are an integral part of a school community. Liz Dunoon’s book Helping Children With Dyslexia, seeks to encourage parents to have an active role in the education of their children, working together with teachers who are striving to achieve positive educational outcomes for all of their students, including those with learning disabilities.”

Mr. Neil Sampson

Head of Primary School, Nambour Christian College QLD, Australia

“The seemingly intelligent child who struggles to learn at school because of dyslexia is a mystery to many. Liz Dunoon has written Helping Children With Dyslexia with the sole intention of educating parents and teachers and making a difference in the lives of these children. It is education which empowers and allows parents and their children to imagine a successful future.”

Steven Grbac,

Grade 4 Teacher, Melbourne Australia

Through this book, I learnt that you as a parent can make a difference in the life of your dyslexic child. I learnt that we should not sit idle and hope things will get better all by themselves. I was quite confused about some aspects of dyslexia before reading this book, but now I have a structure to work with. It is a very practical, easy reading book.

Pearley Kloppers

Homeschooling Mum, Whyalla South Australia

“Thank you so much. I am getting my way through your excellent book – it really has helped with the complete confusion that surrounds dyslexia in Queensland. What a great CD – my dyslexic husband can finally “read” (listen) and have an educated say in our daughter’s plan. My hubbie listened to the C.D in 1 day. It is great for him to be telling me things instead of the other way round. Thank You”.

Wendy Burke

Queensland Australia.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!! My 7 year old daughter has finally been diagnosed with dyslexia/dyscalculia and dysgraphia. She also has sensory processing disorder.
The amount of information I have just found on your website is completely amazing and overwhelming. I now know where to turn and am so busy looking at websites and bookmarking things to read through later, when just a day ago I had no idea what to do for her. I will buying your book asap, thank you again for a completely wonderful site and all the information a parent could need.”

Lyndall McDonald

New South Wales, Australia