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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who should use this website?
2. Why do I need to register my personal details in order to access the free resources?
3. Why should I go to the Member’s Area to download the 3 free eBooks?
4. What else is in the free members area?
5. How can I help? Do you have a question?


1. Who should use this website?

This website has been created by Liz and Andrew Dunoon with the sole intention of providing information, resources and services to teachers and parents of children and adults who are struggling at school and may have dyslexia.

2. Why do I need to register my personal details in order to access the free resources?

The password protected area of this website was created specifically to provide relevant information for children and adults worldwide who struggle with formal learning and may have dyslexia.

It reports on scientific research and will allow you direct access to information about dyslexia and useful resources.

You will be the recipient of a periodical newsletter titled Dyslexia Discovery. This newsletter will contain up to date information, ideas and resources for you to use and to share with others. This newsletter will be emailed to you directly, however you can unsubscribe at any time.

You will have access to a dyslexia blog for ongoing discussion about issues relating to the topic of dyslexia and for those seeking to share information and find solutions to solve problems.

A huge amount of time goes in to maintaining this free resource and constantly researching to keep you up to date on the latest dyslexia developments. To share this information with you we will use the email that you give us. On occasion we discover a product or a service that may provide a parent or an educator with a solution to a particular problem and we will tell you about those too.

Remember we will never give your details to anybody else and you can unsubscribe at any time, if you don’t want to keep receiving information from us or have ongoing to access our free resources.

3. Why should I go to the Member’s Area to download the 3 free eBooks?

When Liz was writing the book ‘Helping Children With Dyslexia’, she wrote 3 extra chapters. ‘How To Teach Your Dyslexic Child To Read From Home’, ‘How To Teach Your Dyslexic Child To Write and Spell From Home’ and another with the same title for Math. When the time came to submit the book to the publisher it was starting to resemble an encyclopedia. It was way too long. So she reluctantly took the three teaching chapters out and decided instead to offer them for free from the website, so parents wouldn’t miss out on this vital information.

Liz believes all parents have the ability to learn how to teach their children and give them the opportunity to catch up on their schoolwork at home. Parents teach their children from the day that they are born and learning is a ‘step by step’ process that all children go through regardless of whether they are dyslexic or not. The difference for dyslexic children is that they often need more time; more practice and more instruction given in a variety of ways to grasp a concept and parents can provide this.

Children with dyslexia often have gaps in learning. This is when they have been unable to keep up with the average rate of learning in a classroom and have missed an important step in a learning process. These gaps hinder their progress as the years go on and schoolwork becomes more and more difficult.

These 3 chapters will help parents to understand the teaching process and help their children to catch up and regain their confidence with their schoolwork.

4. What else is in the free members area?

The most valuable asset for a child who is struggling to learn at school and may have dyslexia is access to a supportive educated adult whether that is a parent, a teacher or a carer.
The free members area of this website has been created for you and it will be added to constantly. Its sole purpose is as a resource to educate and inspire people to work towards positive educational and life outcomes for people with dyslexia. In it you will find:

  • A worldwide dyslexia resource directory which will include assessors, associations, specialized schools and services
  • Free downloadable teaching worksheets
  • Free downloadable speed reading exercises
  • A free download of the Alphabet Sound Song
  • Success stories from adults who struggled at school
  • Recommended books for everybody to read
  • A blog where you can have your say
  • Recommended websites with links that offer great info
  • Teaching and learning strategy tips for all subject areas
  • A list of dyslexia research organisations, researchers and campaigners
  • Links to current research reports
  • Links to topical media and news articles
  • An opportunity to directly lobby the Australian Federal Government about your needs and views on dyslexia via the Australian Dyslexia Trust
  • Back copies of the Dyslexia Discovery Newsletter

5. How can I help? Do you have a question?

As you move through the free resources area you may notice that there is something important missing from a particular area. As we will continue to build this resource for the benefit of everyone, please let us know of any material that you think we could add. With your assistance it will become even better.